Background Check

Hi and welcome to my blog :)

It's 12:18 am and I have been fiddling with HTML scripts for 2 hours!

So this is my quick snippit about me. I'm a recreational artist, meaning I'm mostly doing this for fun, which may seem odd as this entire blog is about politics...but alas this is what I enjoy doing. You may judge me accordingly.

But if I was just doing this for my own amusement it would be safe to say that I could write these rants and cartoons on my own and be happy with them being left in my sketchbook, neatly tucked away from the world which is the center of their being and meaning. But I am not content to do so.


I would like to contribute to the political discourse which looks at society critically. Some people do that over beers, or dinner, or University seminars/lectures, or website comments, or music, or writing, or facebook/twitter/etc. I do some of these, and I do this; even if my voice is small, because I can, and I want to.


If you've made it this far into this narcissistic post, I'll tell you a bit about me.

I'm a university student. I am a big supporter of the arts and I like to express myself creatively. I'm better at writing then I am drawing, however. 

People ask me what I do in my spare time and I usually don't know what to say. I watch television, I go for runs, I go to pubs with my friends, I drink tea, I make comics, I do homework (well...), I read manga, I follow politics, I waste hours looking at comics on stumbleupon or trying new crafts, I feed my birds, I chase my birds around their cage, I sleep.

...:) that's about it for now. If you read this--good on you! You have more patience than I do!