Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back from Summer Hiatus!

With an update from Rick Mercer.

Once again I apologize to Cyberspace for having not updated my blog regularly. There comes a time in a blogger's life when they consider whether what their doing is worth continuing with. I'm not sure it is, for me. What I am sure of is that I put a lot of work into this blog and I like the ideas which motivate it-mostly spreading awareness through resources and providing a little analysis.

So! With that said, here is the update for this month (it's short):

Those not-well-known few who are tasked with going over the F-35 purchase (for those of you who don't know, the Harper Government put in an order for some multi-billion dollar engineless fighter jets just before the last federal election) and the efficiency of current and past military vehicles have determined the Avro Arrow was a more efficient plane than the F-35s that apparently no one wants.

This is ironic because the Conservative government of the early 1960s led by former Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker (Harper's political hero) which was so praised and idolized by Conservatives, scrapped the Avro Arrow not long after it was finished much to the fury of the Canadian Military and President Eisenhower.

That's just a little bit of political black humour for you. Continuing along this vein, I wanted to post last week's Rick Mercer rant for those who didn't see it. The subtle context which he briefly touches on is the Wildcat strike held by Air Canada workers this past March. This was interesting because Wildcat strikes had not been popular since the age of protests in the 1960s. The Harper government threatened to use back to work legislation but Air Canada soon managed to end the conflict.

Recently the company announced it would add thousands of new jobs to the Canadian work force. I found what Mercer had some pretty good points

Other than that...Justin Trudeau is running for Liberal Party Leader as is Marc Garneau, our first man to go to space yet he has chosen to make a try at becoming Prime Minister for his final frontier.

Unfortunately I think I would vote for Garneau. As jubilant and youthful as Justin is taking him down would be like fishing with dynamite for the CPC. He's just a little too untamed . If only he'd stop speaking in third person -.-

And that's my update!

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