Monday, February 6, 2012

Sit down and shut up

That's basically the message coming from the CPC this year as they hold their weighty majority in the House of Commons. The party has thus far blocked debate on the ominous crime bill, a bill which has the potential to make a substantial impact on Canada's culture and economy, on changes to its involvement with health care, and has sent a clear message of inflexible bias regarding the pipeline debate.

Today, MP Elizabeth May was barred from making a short tribute to Vaclav Havel on behalf of her party. Partisan beliefs aside, this is just gross. May and the BQ were also barred from making statements on Remembrance Day. 

CBC's Kady O'Mally tweeted   Now, I know Conservative MPs are under orders to deny consent unless explicitly given a heads up an allowed motion would be forthcoming. 
But honestly, Unnamed CPC MPs Who Just Denied @ElizabethMay Consent To Speak On Havel, did you think for a second how ridiculous it was?

Yes Kady, it was ridiculous. But on a bigger note, why on earth have MPs been ordered to keep such a tight control on House discussion. I'm sorry but when the CPC hold the majority in the House this kind of order does not appear democratic to this citizen. And if you're telling me that Elizabeth May paying a tribute on behalf of her party is suspicious
I will tell you that you need a reality check, because clearly you are mired in a world of paranoia and control.

Clearly I'm livid. But as always, here are the tools for you to make your own judgments :)

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