Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't get me wrong

So today Justin Trudeau made national headlines because he defended his evocation of the French-Canadian separatism debate. Basically if you want the short version, over the weekend he told the french radio-canada that if Canada were to completely align itself with Harper's values he'd think about making Quebec a country.
I imagine the responses went some thing like this:

LPC: uh...justin? Qu'est-ce que tu fais!?
NDP: ugh...
CPC: woo-hoo!

Today he said that he did not want to separate, that he loved Canada, and that he was merely displaying the extent to which he opposed the Harper government values and was attempting to wake Canadians up.

Uh, Justin, I like you but Canadians already woke up, they just chose to go back to bed. I think politicians who have started asking why that is are on the right track.

Here's Justin's interview on CBC's Power and Politics.

The longer comment: I think Justin chased his tail a bit here. Evan pinned him down and I have to agree with him, Trudeau is inadvertently dismissing the idea that even if all the odds seem against you, you continue to fight for what you believe in no matter what. Whether or not dismissing that notion is a good or a bad thing is a subject of debate...on the one hand that sort of position could give you power and may be undervalued, on the other it could be seen as making a mockery of activism and pluralism, among other things...

I'm not going to get into that. I have a test to study for! No time!

I do want to say before I go though, that I think this stunt will have little effect on Canadians' interest in politics because they, much like the rest of the world, are disenchanted with politicians. They've been bombarded with slander campaigns and finger pointing, and after all the scandals and all the let downs I would say many have the impression that no party with power is really concerned about them at this point.

Maybe they're looking for a touch of realism, you know?

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