Monday, January 16, 2012

The Pipeline Debate...Oh the Pipeline Debate

For those of you who care very much about environmental politics and are following the pipeline debate here is an interesting little blog blurb from MacLeans magazine's Aaron Wherry.

I claim no opinion on this issue, mostly because I don't know enough about it. What I do take from it though is that it is a lesson in how the government is approaching media and how it communicates with we, the citizens.

This isn't a new tactic, obviously, it's one used by other parties as well. So if you feel sometimes that all you're getting is smoke and mirrors from the people who are affecting the structures of your life and you feel yourself falling into the grey, unfulfilling pit of apathy 

here's my challenge;
Find one issue you really care about. Like sports, or art, or the environment, or technology, or health care (like maybe more beds for nursing homes), or children's rights, or childcare ETC
And pursue it. Read the hell out of it. But most importantly, read the comments/reviews on what you are reading. There are other citizens just like us who are adding to the dialogue.

Then after a few articles, you'll slowly piece together some of the nuances of the issue, your stance on it, and (in 2014) which party will best represent that stance.

And if there is no party you want to vote for? Then scratch your ballot! The walk over to the polling station can be your exercise for the day. It's important to go to the polls because others fight for that privilege. Your ballot is like food for democracy. It needs the food to stay alive :)  

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