Monday, August 8, 2011

So I started this blog and have seemingly abandoned it....

Right now, with Parliament out and Jack Layton down and the Liberal party trembling on the verge of irrelevance and the alluring laze of the summer breeze and my deliberate avoidance of anything academic related and my continuing discontent with the behaviour of most Canadians parties....I have left this blog to hang quietly unkempt in cyber space. I may post more when the drama on the Hill amounts to something greater than a strange bond of friendship between the Quebecois and the NDP.

I would like to say this though; *ahem* Mr. Harper, like many Canadians residing in the provinces to the West of Quebec I am displeased with the sovereign beliefs of some groups there. However, I do believe Quebec is an important figure in our country's heritage, its culture, and its image. It is part of what separates us from our lovely American neighbours below us. This distinction is quite important to many people.

Therefore, as a Canadian citizen who you have been chosen to represent, I would like it very much if the Conservative party did not do their best to set off those rightfully proud Quebecois. I would also like it if, 50 years from now, I could still make it to Nova Scotia in 12 hours without passing borders into a different country.

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