Sunday, April 3, 2011

Political Fever! Day 01

So as many people may know, an election has sprung up in Canada. As a result, my keen interest in politics turned into an all out fever. Lol. After harassing my friends for a couple weeks with my political rantings, I found a good, mediated expression for my interests and opinions: cartoons! I have been a lover of cartoons within many medias since I can remember. I love the Simpsons, used to like Family Guy ( know...they ran out of jokes and chose to employ racism to fill their obvious gaps in comedic material, k...rant over), and read the comics at the back of the newspaper every once in a while.
I think it was my grandfather who sort of sparked my interest in politics...but I will not shy from admitting that I just have an opinionated nature. So I guess this comic strip is, in a way, a combination of two great loves.
K, no more talking about me. Political Fever! So named for my own affliction (my friends sort of came up with the name first), and for all the satirical elements within that concept (i.e., the diseased nature of politics, the enthusiasm with which one follows them, etc).

I am no great artist by any stretch of the imagination and will not pretend to be. But if you happen to trip upon my blog while surfing and get a laugh out of anything I've created, please let me know. If you read my blog and are not impressed (which is apt to happen) please be kind, and offer constructive criticism . Trolls, I'm not interested in being your verbal punching bag for releasing the frustrations of your everyday life. If you feel someone needs a tongue lashing, go tweet to federal party leaders. :p
Anyway, hope you enjoy my creation :)  

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